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Online shopping has come a long way since the early 1990’s. In an online store it is practically impossible to get the same quality of service that a shopper is likely to get in a physical retail outlet, but there are e-shops that have strived to bring the shopping experience of its visitors to the highest level, giving the customer a Good Online Shopping Experience.

On 20th March 2017, eBay CEO Devin Wenig, described changes that the marketplace was rolling out in a blog post called, "We’re on the Edge of Something New." In it, he said:

As we continue to evolve eBay’s platform, we’re also activating a sharper, more clearly differentiated brand, and more.

A brand new, reimagined and highly personalized shopping experience; a fresh approach to our iconic brand; fast and guaranteed shipping time; buying with a “shopping concierge” right within your social networks — these are the hallmarks of the changes you will now begin to see on eBay.

For the past 18 months, we’ve been working on an ambitious replatforming of eBay by leveraging new technology to redefine what online shopping means today.

This includes the work we’ve done on our mobile platform, building product catalogs on structured data, launching new browse-inspired shopping journeys and innovating with emerging technologies. While this multi-year evolution of our shopping platforms will continue and we have a lot more work to do, these behind-the-scenes changes are now starting to become tangible, visible and meaningful to you — our buyers and sellers.

eBay is changing, and you will see and experience us in a new light.

Guaranteed Shipping in 3 Days or Less

When you buy an item on eBay, we want you to be confident that it will arrive fast, and on time. This summer we are rolling out a new feature in the United States that willguarantee delivery in 3 days or less on 20 million items on eBay, millions of which will ship free. You will be able to search and filter for items by 1- and 2-day delivery time.

We know over 40 percent of online shoppers don’t complete their purchases due to longer than expected shipping times, so we’re also making it easier for consumers to avoid friction through our Guaranteed Delivery program. Online commerce has matured in the last few years to the point where consumers expect fast and free shipping in defined delivery windows.

Already, 63 percent of eBay packages are delivered within three days or less. Now, shoppers on eBay will be able to find these items more easily, including ones that arrive within one to two days. And, if an item doesn’t arrive by the stated delivery date, eBay will make it right.

A Refreshed, Sharp Brand

As we continue to evolve eBay’s platform,….

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In an article Welcome to the New Ebay Shopping Experience published on Sun June 11 2017 15:41:46, in the EcommerceBytes Blog, the author, Ina Steiner, Editor of said:

Now that eBay has been rolling out these changes – including a new TV commercial, new home page, and newly designed pages, we’d like to know what you think.

One reader described to us her experience with the "eBay New Shopping Experience" over the weekend (something she said she hadn’t previously encountered):

"When I did a search for an item I was looking for, the top of the search results pages reads, "Welcome to the new eBay Shopping Experience," and right under that in smaller letters, "If you prefer, just view search results" (the last bit being clickable). Then under that are three rows, Shop by Brand, Best Selling, and Hot This Week. Then under that is Results in (item name)."

In threads about the new shopping experience last month, a few sellers were skeptical, believing that eBay was using regular sellers’ listings as bait to draw in shoppers, but then redirecting that traffic to brands and merchants favored by eBay.

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On the 26th Julu 2017, Power Retail Extra the news and information resource for the Australian and New Zealand e-commerce online retail industry, in its article, Ebay is Enhancing its Shopping Experience, had this to say:

Ebay is Enhancing its Shopping ExperienceThere are many new experiences and navigation enhancements rolling out on eBay in the coming months, with personalisation being a big ticket item as well as improved product pages and search function.

Global e-commerce marketplace eBay says its aspiration is to be the place where the world shops first, and both buyers and sellers is helping it advance that goal. As a result, the company says it’s making profound platform enhancements, leveraging its structured data and new shopping experiences that will make shopping on eBay more relevant and personalised.

In the past year, the company has rolled out many of these new experiences and browsing modules, as you will see below, with the viewpoint that one type of shopping experience does not fit all.

“We want to bring next-generation, customised and personalised shopping experiences to life. Many shoppers do begin their journeys at eBay, but we also know that some don’t,” says eBay. For example, some users do their product discovery, research and comparison elsewhere and come to eBay to compare prices.

“We are building out highly personalised browse experiences that can inspire shoppers, help them choose products, and help them select the right offer across the entire spectrum of value that eBay delivers.”

Specifically, eBay are executing on its vision in the following ways:

  • Creating a simple, personalised, inspiring homepage.
  • Creating highly engaging and personalised browse pages and modules.
  • Building out enhanced Product Pages and Search Results Pages (SRP).
  • Ushering in millions of user reviews and encouraging buyer/seller questions and answers on our platform.
  • Encouraging sellers to help with structuring listings and data.

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On the topic of The best online shopping experience examples this is what had to say to its readers, as early as Jan. 2015.

As we have mentioned on other occasions, usability is an extremely important factor that has a direct impact on the shopping experience at an online store Therefore, not only we have to keep this in mind when creating a website or mobile application, but also when planning to open an online store.

The usability of a website is defined by the clarity and elegance with which the interaction of the user, in this case with an online store, is designed. However, usability is also measured through the study of the relationship between the navigation system, the functionalities and the content offered by the site.


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